Illustration of China staff recruitment

Staffing & SecondmentWe scout, recruit and second talent for your Chinese sales initiatives

Depending on the stage in your China development it may be a good idea to hire your own people. Whether you want to hire a complete team or start with a hands-on business developer, we are happy to help you.

With various partners in the field of talent scouting and recruitment as well as payroll services, we draw up the job description with you and find the right people. If you do not yet have your own legal entity (yet), we can second personnel. We hire people on our own Chinese WOFE (wholly owned foreign enterprise).

How it works


We jointly determine the need for people in your China operation. This often concerns roles that support and / or supplement local service providers.

JD and talent scouting

Based on the first assessment we draw up the Job Description with you and determine how and with which agencies can fill the roles.


The right candidates have been found. We determine whether we second the talents or whether you hire them. We also determine whether we can play a role in staff management.

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