Illustration of Chinese partner selection process

Partner SelectionWhich legal, logistics, operational and marketing partners are recommended?

Multiple partnerships are required to be successful in China. When we know the feasibility of selling your products and understand which route-to-market is initially recommended, we may need to use partners for:

  • Legal affairs: e.g. trademarks, regulations, local entity (WOFE – wholly owned foreign enterprise), etc.
  • Logistics: shipment, warehousing (bonded or local), customs formalities, repacking, stickers, fulfillment, express couriers etc.
  • Store management: TP (TaoBao Partner) services for application, registration, decoration, in-channel marketing and management of your e-Store
  • Brand and communication advice: how to achieve maximum resonance among a chosen target group in China with your Western brand
  • Marketing campaigns: how to ensure awareness and engagement and how to generate traffic to your e-Store outside the platforms
  • Social marketing: set up and manage your own social channels (including Sina Weibo, WeChat) and possibly the use of influencers (KOLs – key opinion leaders) to spread your message
  • Technical implementations: e.g. setting up a Social CRM system or developing a WeChat mini app
  • Accountancy: if you opt for a local presence with, for example, your own WOFE (Chinese Ltd. with foreign ownership) and collect your revenues yourself in China, you must file your tax return and keep your books monthly / annually.
  • HR: if you want to recruit your own people an HR partner can help for scouting and recruitment, but also for pay-roll services and tax (and other) payments.

How we can help

Service need

After previously taken steps (e.g. membership) or a strategy process we jointly identify 3rd party services needed.

Partner short-lists

For each required service we look for several suitable partners in line with the chosen strategy and budgets.

Partner selection

We supervise the quotation process and consult with candidates. We jointly determine which parties are most suitable.

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