Illustration of China business assessment

AssessmentYou are already active in China, but what could be better?

You have already taken the first steps into China. You may have a TP and a logistics partner and a first e-Store on a so-called cross-border platform. Maybe you have already opened a WOFE and have your brand name (s) in order. Be that as it may, you expected more or things go wrong.

We are happy to use our 12+ years of experience and network in China to evaluate whether the right steps have been taken and whether the partnerships chosen are the right ones for you. Based on a trajectory of 2-4 weeks we expose potential issues and advise concrete solutions for improvement.

How it works


During a first conversation we will discuss how you are currently organised in China, what phase you are in with your brand, what is going well and what is going different than expected.


We collect quantitative and qualitative data based on interviews with stakeholders, service providers and external analysis of your segment.


Based on our evaluation we discuss various alternatives, new strategic directions or tactical solutions with impact.

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