Strategic partnership to bridge the information gap between brands and platforms / Chinese media with independent advice. is a label of Eastwood Interactive Marketing Shanghai Co. Ltd., the Chinese consultancy practice of Marc Oosterhoudt, which focuses on Western brands that want to sell (more) in China. was founded by Yang Shaoming with the aim of unlocking Chinese e-Commerce knowledge in the form of a club membership.

Marc and Shaoming met in Shanghai in 2015. Both believe that there is a gap between what brands (should) know and the information the platforms and various Chinese media provide to Western brands. exclusively represents in the Benelux. In addition to the club membership and ‘add-ons’ offers  tailor made strategie and practical services aimed at capitalising the China eCom opportunity.

Viewing ChinaHow Club on a laptop

Marc OosterhoudtFounder -


  • 12+ years of experience in direct-to-consumer strategy and e-commerce in China
  • Project management and interim roles for Friesland Campina (Friso), DSM, Nestlé, MeadJohnson, PernodRicard and Heineken with Eastwood Interactive Marketing Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Development of business models and sales strategies, engagement & loyalty programs, CRM and partner loyalty systems, brand strategy and communication programs, digital transformations
  • Managing e-commerce teams, cooperation with Alibaba, JingDong and Tencent, various TPs (TaoBao / Tmall Partners) advertising and media agencies.
"Back in the Netherlands since mid 2018, I am committed to facilitate Western brands and retailers to launch in China and become successful."
Marc Oosterhoudt

Yang ShaomingFounder - China How Club

Chinese e-commerce expert and visionary

  • 13+ years of experience in the Chinese e-commerce market
  • Former Vice President of TMall Global and AliExpress of Alibaba Group
  • Founder of several e-commerce companies in China
  • Facilitated 100’s of foreign brands and retailers entering the Chinese e-commerce market
"The Chinese e-commerce market has developed significantly over the past two decades. The process of initiating online sales has greatly simplified over the years. However, local knowledge and relationships are still a must to navigate this ever-changing landscape. "